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Alastair Gray



Alastair Gray was originally educated as an historian; the ultimate study and analysis of change over time. For the last 20 years he has been pivotal in implementing change in people’s lives through the use of natural medicine. His work as a practitioner, educator, lecturer and writer in natural medicine is acknowledged world-wide. In 2008 he completed a Masters in Science and joined Endeavour College. As Program Leader he was responsible for managing, directing and leading the Homeopathy department across multiple campuses, responsible for course planning, delivery, budget, selecting resources, maintaining academic standards, quality and consistency. As Academic Lead and Acting Campus Manager in Sydney he held a management and leadership role. Now as National Academic eLearning Manager he is responsible for the educational integrity and all academic issues with e-learning at Endeavour. He heads up and manages the Endeavour campus at the Gold Coast. 

Career Snapshot

Academic, Academic Manager, Practitioner, Educator. Researcher

    • Extensive experience and proven track record of success in all facets of the practice of natural medicine
    • Thriving private business practices in complex and difficult commercial environments in Australia and internationally
    • Demonstrates high levels of proficiency in educating any level of student from beginner to post-graduate practitioners
    • Proven ability to devise and implement strategies and procedures to promote positive change and healing
    • Highly developed expertise in devising and coordinating the implementation of world-class education programs
    • Proven ability to step up into and accommodate national roles

Professional Qualifications      

MSc                                                            University Central Lancashire United Kingdom                                              2008

BA (Hons) History First Class.                        University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand,                                                 1989

DSH                                                            School of Homeopathy Devon U.K.                                                             1993

PCH                                                            Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies U.K.                               1995

ADH                                                            Advanced Diploma Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy N.Z.                        2003

PCHom                                                       Homeopathy Academy Council Malaysia                                                        2003

Cert IV in Training and Assessment TAE   University of New England Australia, Australian College                                        1999, 2003, 2010, 2011

Professional Positions      

  • National Academic eLearning Manager Endeavour College of Natural Health 2012 - present
  • Campus Manager Gold Coast Endeavour College of Natural Health 2012 - present
  • Academic Lead and Acting Campus Manager Endeavour College of Natural Health 2011-12
  • Program Leader; Endeavour College of Natural Health 2009 - 12
  • Academic Director; Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine 1998 – 2009
  • Editorial Board The Homeopath UK 2007-2010
  • Medical Board; Asher Institute for Integrative Medicine Sydney 2004-2008
  • Vice President; Australian Homoeopathic Association (NSW) 1997-2003
  • CEO 70metres pty ltd 1996 - 2012

National Academic eLearning Manager | Endeavour College July 2012 -

Focus of the Role

    • The role of NAeLM at Endeavour is to provide an academic bridge and point of contact for the academic departments and all educational technology activities at the college
    • Write high level strategic documents in relationship to the delivery of academic resources online
    • Project manage small and large initiatives to ensure student centric approaches and engagement with learning
    • Change manage components of the e-learning strategy, such as academic integrity and the use of Turnitin, Synchronous and Asynchronous delivery of academic materials at the college
    • Information manage, develop and catalogue object libraries
    • Implement strategy
    • Apply learning analytics to provide key data to inform Educational and Instructional Design, Marketing, Tutor engagement and impact on student retention

Key Achievements

    • Contribution to a significant reduction in student attrition from online subjects
    • Completed Career Advice Tool, National Online Study Options events, Learner Discovery Quizzes,
    • Reorientation of all first semester subject to make them more student focused and of better pedagogical quality
    • Implement culture change across department, implementation of tutor teams and managed a growing tutor team approach to online learning with encouraging early results
    • Instructional design input to the changing look and feel of the LMS
    • Engagement with students to ensure knowledge retention
    • Foster academic leadership through accessibility and visibility with video, interview,
    • Deliver and design Alumni national program
    • Ability to understand and assimilate new technologies - HTML5, Scorm
    • Inductions and Orientations for Senior lecturers, Contract Academics, Tutors and Students and Tutors
    • Own anything to do with online student experience and champion them
    • Provide responses to Quality Feedback and closing quality cycle

Main Qualities and Accountabilities

Instructional Design | Education technology: A passion for creating digestible curricula for all ages, groups and demographics from gen Y, gen mobile through all adult learners. Across vocational education sector theory, higher education, short course development and the latest technology.

Engagement: A demonstrated capacity to engage with marketing, enrolment, student services and push through the changes that need to be made to maximise enrolments and student satisfaction. I understand the commercial realities of driving and managing the academic team yet bringing them into the 21st century juggling the dual masters of quality on the one hand and meaningful saleable products on the other.

Proven ability to manage large projects Degree development, Degree accreditation, all subjects to online, advanced diploma development

Proven ability to manage people Though running academic department, running meetings, implementing restructure and managing change I have an ability to manage good an tough times, deal with conflict, obstacles, including managing a team through redundancy.

Work with the CEO and DOE to ensure e-leaning is

  • Designed to offer a certain amount of appropriate flexibility to students
  • Instructionally designed and Implemented by the EdTech division headed by an academic
  • Monitored by the quality feedback monitoring system (QFMs, under the Director of Student Services department)
  • Educationally orientated to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in education (pedagogy and andragogy) and e-learning
  • Driven by the values of the organization to ensure quality, student engagement and student retention
  • Supported by Student service activity to ensure retention (First year retention project)

Campus Manager | Gold Coast |Endeavour College 2012 - 2014

Focus of the Role

  • Drive campus culture
  • Manage and lead academic departments, student engagement, non-academic activities
  • Guide new staff members through orientations
  • Oversee streamlined running, admissions, student services, clinical facility
  • Manage and oversee security, safely, compliance, facilities, procurement, car parking, OHS, Fire, various local and national committees, set up of library, linen, signage, compliance, academic accreditations

Main Qualities and Accountabilities

Targets: Attend, participation in all expos and open days, orientations, study options events to drive enrolments and hit milestones

Human Resources: Contribute to HR appointments across departments. Manage complex and difficult HR issues in the changing cilture

Leadership: Efficiencies, processes, quality and culture change from local solutions to timetabling, library, examinations, IT, infrastructure, facility issues to a nationwide perspective adopted.

Consistency: National practices and policies implemented and integrated.

Collaboration: Working closely with Marketing and Admissions. Collaboration with other key staff members and building external relations with education agencies and consultants, OHE and TEQSA, as well as local government regulations

Team: Generating a team spirit and environment for students, permanent and contracted staff

Program Leader | Department Homeopathy | Endeavour 2008-2012

Focus of the Role

  • Manage and lead academic department ensuring curriculum quality, sound pedagogy, and consistency across multiple campuses. Whilst maintaining those duties the role has evolved into a product manager position liaising closely, being accountable and responsible for the academic products by communicating with enrolments, marketing, student services and other departments in the college.

Key Achievements

  • Complete re-write of Bachelor Health Science (Homeopathy) degree submission, re-work of course development of curriculum
  • Project manage the re-engineering and successful integration of different advanced diploma offerings into the one clear product
  • Project manage the rebrand and redevelop all curriculum materials
  • Audited changed and integrated the very different college cultures, SCHM and Endeavour both students and staff
  • Development of moodle online learning site for the ACHH transfer students, creation and uploading, rebranding of all materials and the development and resources for the Sydney online learning site, rebranding materials, creating new materials, addressing compliance concerns. Full integration of Sydney campus cohorts into FM. Preparation of all materials for multiple audits: CRICOS, AROH, VETAB
  • Mapping and articulation pathways, advanced diplomas, diplomas to new degree.
  • Education and training of EA/SA documentation development:
  • Project management of homeopathy online subjects to date: content materials and recordings including all T&L materials
  • Short course material development. Development of all marking criterion across all subjects and major assessment review
  • Standardisation of entire clinical stream with marking criterion nationally
  • Review and development of internal department procedures, moderation, peer review, stream coordination
  • Maintained international profile with lecturing and publications

Main Qualities and Accountabilities

Publish: Published consistently, both articles and more recently 3 x 450 page textbooks that has been met with international recognition and is already an undergraduate text in some countries. A record of consistently high-level research and publication in the discipline of homeopathy in Australia. In 2010 spoke at conferences in Malaysia, Bangkok, Denver, and Cambridge. In 2011 in Washington DC, Denver, London, KL. 2012, conferences in San Diego, San Francisco, Bristol, Putrajaya, Brisbane, Canberra.

Research: Demonstrable engagement and commitment to various programs of research. As adviser to the Aurum Project Sydney, member of the European Council for Homeopathic Research, attendee at the 2010 master-class summer school in CAM research held in Potsdam with the acclaimed academics Witt and Linde I have a commitment to the reality of the future of CAM being interwoven with research. Coordinated and published 21 drug trials over the last decade. Four research books in homeopathic medicine.

Plan: Planned, implemented and established homeopathic products, led the creation of a world-class curriculum, completed a degree submission and made significant and concrete steps to create a centre of excellence for homeopathic education with my team.

Implement Budget and Finance: Demonstrated ability to formulate and implement financial, staffing and academic plans, manage projects, the rollout and completion or the online subject development. Managed the weekly running of the department, budget, quality, consistency, moderation processes.

Model Excellence: Four published books on research in CAM demonstrate the capacity to foster and model excellence in research. A masters degree in homeopathic research plus regular contacts with the CAM research environment in Europe.

Ethics: Commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards underpin all activities.

Collaborate: Demonstrable capacity to develop and maintain effective collaborative relationships,

  • Cyberjaya University of Medical Sciences in Malaysia, advisor in the writing of research stream subjects,
  • Homoeopathy School International.
  • Masterclasses with Dr Farokh Master and the lecture tour and master-class series with Dr Brian Kaplan – world expert Harley St homeopathic physician, Archibel Homeopathic software.

Culture: Ability to develop a close knit, hardworking and proactive team. A capacity to foster a learning culture, to mentor, lead and manage change.

Change: A demonstrated understanding of the changing context of higher education with a commitment to embracing virtual, blended and online learning as the pivotal future of learning. New technologies have paved the way for the college to attract and market to students but to avoid false cost saving from significant attrition, online and blended programs must be offset with consistent quality human contact.

Leadership: I have a growing high-level strategic leadership planning communication and management capability; with a grasp on the Australian universities sector, a standing in the Australian and international homoeopathic community through speaking and publications is entrenched. Represent department in executive meetings, library, research, academic board.

Academic Lead and Acting Campus Manager – Endeavour College Sydney

Focus of the Role 2011-12

  • Managed and lead academic departments as the campus rolled out into Sydney
  • Guiding new staff members through their orientations
  • Oversaw initial opening of clinical facility
  • Merged the existing college culture
  • Managed and oversaw security, safely, compliance, facilities, car parking, OHS, Fire, various local and national committees, set up of library, linen, signage, compliance, academic accreditations
  • In a changing and fluid role oversaw and coordinated operations, facilities and procurement

Key Achievements

  • Managed the academic and operational components of the role
  • Attendance, participation in all expos and open days, orientations, study options events to drive enrolments and hit targets

Main Qualities and Accountabilities

Human Resources: Contributed to HR appointments across departments.

Cross department management in a time of significant conflict resolution: Managed numerous complex and difficult HR issues in the roll out of the campus.

Leadership: Instrumental in ensuring the college culture started well, affirming that local solutions to timetabling, library, examinations, IT, infrastructure, facility issues were avoided and a nationwide perspective adopted.

Consistency: National practices and policies implemented and integrated.

Compliance: Academic compliance with NSW OHE and TEQSA, as well as local government regulations.

Collaboration: Meeting enrolment targets working closely with Marketing and Admissions. Collaboration with other key staff members to manage the change in culture, FIA FitNation. Building external relations with Education agencies and consultants.

Team: Generating a team spirit and environment

Lecturer and Educator 1998-

Colleges – Current faculty member | Endeavour College of Natural Health, Gold Coast and Online                                                                Australia

Lecturer and Clinical Trainer, Methods of Homoeopathic Provings, Professional Studies, Law, Ethics, Business Management Communication, Homoeopathic Philosophy, Materia Medica, Video Clinic, Anatomy and Physiology; The Bristol School of Aromatherapy 1994-6, Nature Care College of Traditional Medicine 1997-2009, Colorado Institute for Classical Homeopathy Boulder Colorado USA  2002-2010, Sydney College of Homoeopathic Medicine 1998-2008, Bay of Plenty College of Homoeopathic Medicine 2000-2009, Wellington College of Homoeopathic Medicine 1998-2009, Endeavour College of Natural Health 2008-2011. Previous: Cyberjaya University of Medical Sciences Putrajaya, Malaysia, Galway College of Homeopathy Galway Ireland, Homeopathy School International, Boulder Colorado USA.

Post-graduate Lecturer

Founder of the Fusion Sessions ; Post graduate education for graduates of natural medicine; ‘Getting Busy in Practice’. Taupo and Auckland NZ, Sydney and Noosa Australia, Toronto Canada and online.


Presenter of 1,2 or 3 day seminars and webinars in  UK, NZ, Ireland, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Canada, and Australia

  • Homeopathic Treatment of Anxiety and Panic
  • Men’s Health
  • The Theory of Chronic Disease
  • Homeopathic Use of Snakes and Spider Medicine
  • Treatment and Management of Addictions, Drugs and Alcohol
  • Australian Medicines; New Homeopathic Remedies
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Stress Management and Homeopathic Medicine
  • Fundamental Concepts of Health Care
  • Children’s Behavioral Difficulties
  • Difficult and Uncompliant Patient Management
  • The Homeopathic Model of Change and Transformation
  • Case Taking
  • Case Management
  • Homeopathic Method

International Conference Lecturing

International Council of Classical Homoeopathy                    Wellington                               New Zealand                  1998

Australian Case Conference                                                Sydney                                    Australia                        1998

Australian Case Conference                                                Brisbane                                  Australia                        2000

New Zealand Case Conference                                            Wellington                               New Zealand                  2000

North American Society of Homeopaths                               Colorado                                 USA                               2001

Keynote Speaker NZ Council of Homeopaths Conference        Napier                                    New Zealand                  2002

Keynote Speaker NZ Council of Homeopaths Conference       Wellington                               New Zealand                  2003

Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference                       Melbourne                               Australia                        2002

Colorado Institute for Classical Homeopathy                        Boulder                                    USA                              2003

Pacific Academy                                                                San Francisco                          USA                               2003

Dynamis School                                                                Malvern                                   UK                                2003

Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference                       Brisbane                                 Australia                         2004

Irish Homeopathic Conference                                            Galway                                   Ireland                           2004

Keynote Speaker NZ Council of Homeopaths Conference       Auckland                                 New Zealand                   2005

Society of Homeopaths UK                                                 Nottingham                             UK                                 2005

Balance in Tension                                                            Sydney, Brisbane, Noosa           Australia                         2005

Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference                      Perth                                       Australia                         2006

Links Conference                                                              Heidelberg                               Germany                        2007

NZ National Homeopathic Conference                                 Wellington                                New Zealand                  2008

Australian Hom. Medicine Assn Research Conference            Sydney                                    Australia                        2008

European Central Council of Homeopathy                            Leuven                                    Belgium                         2009

Intracom Integrative Medicine Conference                           Kuala Lumpur                           Malaysia                        2009

NZ National Homeopathic Conference                                 Tauranga                                  New Zealand                 2009

Homeopathic Medicine and Case Taking                              Kuala Lumpur                           Malaysia                        2010

Homeopathic Medicine                                                      Chiva Som Hua Hin                   Thailand                        2010

Homeopathic Research                                                      Galway                                    Ireland                          2010

Best Practice                                                                    Melbourne                               Australia                         2010

Case Taking                                                                     London                                    UK                                 2011

Homeopathic Research                                                      Kuala Lumpur                           Malaysia                        2011

NCH Conference                                                               Washington DC                         USA                              2011

Treating Men                                                                    San Francisco                           USA                              2012

Case Taking                                                                     London                                    UK                                2012

Case Taking                                                                     Putrajaya                                 Malaysia                         2012

Contemporary Case Management                                       Bristol                                      UK                                2012

Focus of the Roles

  • As a core member of various educating teams, I am responsible for providing optimum adult education modules to participants.
  • Facilitating the ability of students of natural medicine to analyse and listen, and apply the principles of natural medicine.
  • Moderating as educator, inspirator and motivator. Mentoring, Supervision, Guide to effective practice for new practitioners

Key Achievements

  • Developed international speaking profile with a solid reputation of providing substance with an entertaining style
  • Designed post graduate study in three countries to optimise practitioners abilities
  • Designed, written, implemented and taught new curriculum for colleges. Set up and implemented research programs
  • Cross cultural understanding and education delivery.
  • Pivotal in educating a generation of natural health practitioners in various places around the world

Main Accountabilities

  • Leading and managing groups from 5 to 500
  • Ensuring the experience reaches all participants. Identify individuals learning style and pitching accordingly

Key Achievements

  • Recognition for undertaking quality research. International Profile. Lively, interactive style of delivery

Writer | 1998-     



Gray (2010) The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine Vol I Case Taking

Gray (2011) The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine Vol II Method

Gray (2014) The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine Vol III Case Management

Gray (2014) The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine Vol I Case Taking second edition

Gray (2003) Experience of Medicine Vol I

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Gray (2006) Experience of Medicine Vol IV

Gray (2004) Getting Busy Strategies of Making the Transition to Practice

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History of the Western Pacific

Gray (1999) Whaling Contacts in the Bismarck Archipelago; The Journal of Pacific History Canberra

Gray (2000) Light Airs from the South; The Journal of Pacific History   


Hippy Chick. New Woman October 2001

Panic. Wellbeing 2002

What is Homeopathy? Digerati 2001

    Private Clinical Practice | 1990-       

    Current | Endeavour College of Natural Health Clinic and Online

    Focus of the Role | Delivery of quality holistic health care; 20,000 consultations over 20 years. Designed protocols of treatment

    Key Achievements

    • Responsible for establishing successful business practice within the healthcare clinical environment
    • Ensuring compliance with appropriate industrial standards and codes of ethics

    Insured and Registered and Associations      

    AHA                        Australian Homoeopathic Association                                                                        Aus

    ATMS                      Australian Traditional Medicine Society                                                                      Aus

    ARoH                      Australian Register of Homeopaths                                                                           Aus