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Research into Homeopathic Medicine is not with out its controversy. Homeopathy is often lazily dismissed as lacking in serious research but there is actually 200 years of considerable evidence. Without doubt some is unconvincing, many trials are underpowered, many are biased and poorly constructed but some is stunning. It is often forgotten that it is in homeopathy that the first clinical trial was ever conducted, and also homeopathy where the first use of placebo was implemented. 

There are trials testing homeopathy and hay-fever, influenza, menopause, rheumatoid arthritis. There are trials examining the cost effectiveness and cost benefit of homeopathy in different conditions. There are studies examining homeopathy and patient satisfaction. There are trials looking at the degree to which the medicine or the consultation is the  influencing factor. In addition, there are trials involving millions of people examining the use of homeopathy to protect populations in epidemic diseases. 

Not all are positive. But not all are negative either. Many of the results cannot be explained by what we think we know about conventional physics, chemistry or medical science.

The best place to head for up to the minute news on research is the Homeopathy Research Institute

The latest on their seminars and conferences is at

Archives and Sources of Homeopathic Information

Online Journals

Hpathy - Homeopathy for Everyone 
A great source of solid homeopathic articles and research.

Online Libraries and Information Hubs

Homéopathe International
An excellent resource for the homoeopath of original source books, the Organon, Materia Medica Pura, Chronic Diseases etc

British Homeopathic Library 
A library and information service dedicated to the research and practice of homeopathy.

The Homœopathic Archives 
The late Julian Winston’s library of old books, journals, manuscripts, and much more.

The Robert Bosch Foundation’s Institute for the History of Medicine
Research on the history of homeopathy and custodian of the estate of Samuel Hahnemann

The Homœopathic Information Service
Research and resources for the homeopath including provings of a number of new remedies by Peter Fraser

Similia similibus curantur by Gaby Rottler 
Much of historical homoeopathic interest.

Baltimore Homeopathic Study Group

A group dedicated to the promotion of homeopathy and education in the use of homeopathy. Care Resource

Photothèque Homéopathique
Historical homoeopathic photographswith some full text articles.

Homeoinfo Classical Homeopathy
An educational experience considering all things about classical homeopathy.

For the Serious Student

Whole Health Now 
Comprehensive homoeopathic information provided by the excellent homeopath Will Taylor

Homeopathic Educational Services
Dana Ullman’s comprehensive resource center for homeopathic everything.

Homoeopathic Online Education
An excellent site for the study of homœopathy, providing educational articles and services to the homoeopath by David Little


Institut Boiron

Manufacturing and Promoting quality homeopathic medicines



The Homœopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States, (HPUS) 
HPUS is the official compendium for Homeopathic Drugs in the U.S.

Good Introductions to Homeopathic Medicine

ABC Homeopathy 
If you’re new to homeopathic medicine, start with our acclaimed guide to homeopathy. 
A portal on homoeopathic education developed by homœopath postgraduates.

Hpathy Homeopathic Drug Provings
A list of recent homeopathic drug provings

Animal Homeopathy

Homeopathy on the Farm 

A UK based web-site dedicated to using homeopathy on the farm

Homeopathy Worldwide
An international grouping of the leading homeopathic organizations.