About Homeopathic Research


1. Ethics

2. The uptake of complementary (CAM) and natural medicine around the world

3. The uptake of homeopathic medicine worldwide

4. Overviews of Homeopathic Research and Statistics

5. High-end robust research | Systematic reviews | Randomly controlled trials

6. Meta-analysis

7. Evidence base medicine, Homeopathic Evidence and Placebo

a.      Evidence of Efficacy in Homeopathy – Does it Work | No

b.     Evidence of Efficacy in Homeopathy – Does it Work | Yes

c.      The Question of EBM as a Valid Test of Homeopathic Medicine

d.     Placebo

e.      Ernst

f.       Shang

h.     Evidence Based Medicine and Homeopathy

i.      What is Evidence Based Medicine and what are Systematic Reviews

j.      Cost Benefit

8. Plausibility Bias

9. Cost Benefit

10. Cuba Epidemic Disease and Leptospirosis

11. Named Conditions and Homeopathic Research | Strong evidence

1. Upper Respiratory Complaints

2. Acute and Allergic Rhinitis

3. Otitis media

4. Asthma

5. Fibromyalgia

6. Mental Health

7. Sleep

8. Vertigo


12. Other named conditions with significant research results

1. Influenza

2. Alcoholism

3. Nervous conditions

4. Skin

5. Thyroid

6. Labour

7. PMS


8. Mastitis

9. Cancer

10. Thallassemia

11. HIV

12 Hearing loss

13. Patient Outcome Studies

14. Physics – How Does it Work?

15. Western Medicine Concerns and Excesses

16. Complementary Medicine Statistics

17. Homeopathic Theory Practice and Clinical Training

a.      Clinical Training

b.     Practice

c.      Proving Method

d.     Provings

e.      History

18. Research Method and Statistics