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Alastair Gray’s Integrated Medicine Consultations, Education and Books

A company using natural medicine, integrated and homeopathic principles to effect change and restore balance for individuals, organisations and communities. 

Creating excellence in the clinical delivery of natural medicine professions through conducting and facilitating research. 

Delivering and managing excellent education programs utilizing the best technologies and learning tools grounded in solid educational theory and best practice.

Nullifying the Top 3 Myths About Homeopathy!

Al Gray - Thursday, September 02, 2010

Various alternative systems of medicine have gained great importance in last few decades. Among them, homeopathy is one of the health-sciences that was surrounded by so many controversies but kept emerging victorious, thanks to its eternal principles and scientifically proved medicines. Then why many people are still skeptical to use homeopathy in their healing practice? Lack of apt knowledge and intellectually acquired ability to interpret the facts may be some of the reasons. Here is an attempt to nullify some of the myths that surround this beautiful and efficacious science.

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